How to enable people?

How to enable people?

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Every good company thinks about how to get maximum effort from every employee, how to enable people to maximum performance. The reality is that a lot of them do not really know how to do it. So what enabling people really means from my experience and perspective?

First step what everybody must think about before he starts creating something is “why?”. And it does not matter if this is company or individual. What is the purpose for this product, or service or event in my life what I am going to create?

If either person or company is missing the clear definition of this point, then sooner or later will have big troubles, because they will have just mess in actions and results.

This is a place where every company and every person must have clearly defined their core values as well. This is what defines company or person same way as fingerprints of every human on this planet.

Every person involved in this discovery process should be aware of his own talents, gifts, and abilities. This will help him much easier to discover what his true purpose in life is and what services he really wants to provide.

The second step is to have a clear vision of what is going to be created and how it will look like once it is already done.

The good imagination of what any person would like to do, to experience, to achieve is much more important that education.

Imagination and vision are always at the beginning of all future achievements of a person or company. Most important thing with creating vision statement is, that it must be something what we really want to do, what is coming from our heart and enable us to grow, what is going to really help other people, customers, or communities.

Playing in a safe area in this perspective as we are usually programmed playing rather safe than sorry is the worst possible idea what we can get. This will prevent any growth, create inferiority in our results and sooner or later somebody else will do what we were dreaming about but we were too scary to stretch for it.

the third step is a question to yourself. What can we do, with what we have and know today in order to move towards our vision? This is our priority number one goal what we should be focusing on.

If we are doing something else, we are moving sideways. The important point is also that this goal should be the end goal. It is nonsense to decide to go to school to learn something for example about marketing if you are not going to really do marketing in real life from day one.

Knowledge without doing is useless and our world is moving so fast, that whatever you are learning today is useless information tomorrow.

We usually think that all, our own purpose, our vision, our goals are clear for us. But really? How often are you reviewing whatever you are doing, to make sure that you are still on the right track?

If somebody will ask you what your goal is, what are you going to answer? I mean real goal, not just list of tasks. This could be a huge difference. Is he really going to understand what you are doing and when you will be done? If not, then you did not spend enough time to deep thinking about where you are going.

Let’s move back to companies again. Every company has people who are leading people. We call such people either manager or leader. A manager is just a person who is managing activities. A leader is a person who is helping people to be better, to overcome obstacles, to help them be clear in their own path where they are going.

A true exceptional leader is one who can help people to think better of themselves. A true leader very often does not need to manage a lot of activities. Because such leader makes sure that all team members knows what their own purpose, vision and goals are.

He knows what today life challenges for every team member are. He works every day to keep all his team members in harmony with company purpose, vision and goals by inspiring them to go towards their own vision.

Every person working in any company is doing his best if he is really happy. Happiness is nothing else as feeling that this work, this task make sense and it is really going to help somebody.

Nobody will be very creative and productive if he is not happy. Without creativity and productivity, no company will long survive. Life does not get better by chance; it gets better by change. Change, driven by creativity.

If a person is not doing his best, there are only a few reasons:

–          The Person is not happy because of his personal life

–          The Person has no idea or not going after his own purpose, vision, goals or doing something only because it must do something for a living.

–          The Company or leader has no clearly defined purpose, vision, goals.

–          There is missing alignment or the leader is not doing enough work in order to explain how the company goals and day to day activities are aligned with a person’s individual purpose, vision, and goal.

Ask yourself a question. Why am I doing whatever I am doing? Is it because I have a fear that my lifestyle will not be as good as it is now?

If this is answered, then ask yourself another question. Is this what I would like to teach my family, my kids, how I want to inspire my friends? Because every person in your inner life circle will get inspired by you and your kids will learn from you to live the way as you live. Is this what you would like to teach them?

Start doing what you will love to do for the rest of your life. I was recently on a webinar with Kimbal Musk, brother of Elon Musk founder of SpaceX Corporation and he said, that he never met somebody who was stretching and doing something what he really loved to do and not having a prosperous business or a wealthy lifestyle.

But you must step out of your comfort zone, which seems safe, but in reality, it is the most dangerous place to live. You must overcome your fear and start doing something every day that will move you towards your dream life and business.



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