Looking for Top UK passionate business

I will be traveling in UK for 2 weeks and looking for top UK passionate business. Shooting short videos, where business owners or managers will share their vision and why they are doing their business. I believe that through sharing our own vision we will inspire a lot of other people to start creating their own vision.

Most Important Creative Force

There is one single force in the universe who can change everything in everybody life. This force is passion. You may know this force with word Love as well.

But, our today world news is overwhelmed by problems. And we sometimes stop seeing beauty of passion around us.

UK passionate business

Every morning we wake up, go to the work, return home. Fact is that about 76% of people going to work mostly because they need money for living. This is only and single purpose for them to work.

But I believe, that there is another perspective to our work, we just forgot to look for it. What is your most important reason to work? Money? But understand this – money is just side effect from WHY we are doing any work or business. If our why is clear and strong enough, then money will sooner or later start flow in abundant manner.

Therefore, I have decided to spend full 2 weeks of my life looking for this new perspective and share it to the world.

Looking for top UK passionate business

My trip starts July 8 and finish July 22, 2017. Do you know any business which has clear why behind everything what they do? Do you have your own business and wants to share your why to the world? Let’s connect through this form below and I will contact you as soon as possible to discuss more. Thank you.


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