This is not good. Or?

This is not good. Or?

I love emails which can trigger some self-review and think about what I am doing. I am receiving a lot of emails, following a lot of authors and entrepreneurs, but there are not a lot of them which can write in the way which will inspire you, or just make your day better.

One of these authors who really can do this is David Kirš. He is the founder of Firma 2.0 and actually all my web pages are running on a platform developed by his company. It is not difficult for me to see, that he knows why he is doing whatever he is doing. And this is most important in our life. Why is like compass showing what our destination is.

I was just reading his email (It is Tuesday right now) which he wrote in last Sunday about 5 situations in his life which turned out different as he wanted. Funny thing is, that in Sunday morning probably in the exactly same time as he was writing his email, I was leading coaching call and I was talking about similar life situations.  This coaching call was one of those times, where you are in the flow and your thoughts are somehow just flowing in beautiful flow, without any effort, hitting your audience just in the right way. This is state of mind where you can have sometimes new ideas or thoughts which may really push you or your audience towards the destination.

I will share those ideas as well, but let me point a little bit more what was happening from my perspective. You may already have such experience in your life. If you are on the same frequency with somebody who is somehow close to your values or ideas, it could be your friend, or just somebody who you like, or your colleague in your team in your work, and what is happening is, that independent way you both are thinking about similar ideas in the same time, but triggered by completely different independent events. Even if you do not know that this is happening and may figure out this much later, or never. It is beautiful.

So now back to those ideas what I had. David was talking about things which turned out differently than what he wanted. I was having several of such cases in the last few months. Last week I was studying some materials from Wayne Dyer, Marry Morrissey, and Tony Robins. I was thinking about what was happening in my life recently and what kind of questions I am asking myself. And a light bulb went on.

Why am I calling these events, as something that was not working as I expected?

Or even thinking that it was wrong, or I was not lucky and so on?

How do I know that it was wrong?

I can really know and need to know, only one thing. What is my destination and why I would like to go there?

Everything else, what I may encounter on the way towards my destination is just something that happened on the way. Is it good, or bad? Well if I am moving confidently in the direction of my dream, then whatever happened it must be for my good only. I do not need to know why, but I will understand this in the future. As Steve Jobs said, dots are connecting in the future.

And these ideas came to me again yesterday evening. I had mastermind call with other Thinking Into Results consultants and I was talking about what is my target audience.

  • I had in front of my eyes Bob Proctor, as he is using his own life experience before he was 26 years old. His target audience are people which have exactly same problems.  He will never be Bob Proctor as we know him today, if he never had this experience.
  • Same things with Tony Robbins, he also had life experience when he was kids, which nobody would like to experience. But this made him. He will never be helping people as he is helping if this never happened to him.
  • Mary Morrissey, when doctors told her, that she has 6 months of life in front of her. This was 40 years ago, but this was also turning point of her life. She will never be doing what she is doing today without this experience.

So was it bad or good? I am sure that all of them will say without hesitation, that it was one of the best things that could happen in their lives. But all of them got this awareness long time after that point of life.

So now, I am asking myself even more as before, or at least with better awareness, what is, that I can learn from this situation? What is this good which is helping me to move towards my dream?

Whatever happened to me is also exactly the same thing which is happening to my target audience or Avatar. Which is great to have this knowledge. I can help them.

If I do not see any good with it now, no problem. Then I am just returning to my basic daily question.

What I can do right now, with what I have today in order to do next move towards my destination?

Thank you.



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