My son is teaching me how to play Minecraft

One of my vision is to have elementary education system, which is effective and teaching kids really something what they may reuse in the future to achieve everything what they know.

With this idea I started to support my own kids much more actively with something what they love. First step is with my older son teaching him how to program in Java programming language, various things in Minecraft game. Our first video is ready. Honestly – he was teaching me how to play Minecraft, but important is that with my help he took new inspiration, it was fun for both of us.

If you think, that you can not do this, keep reading. I never programmed in Java before, I never played minecraft before. I created my minecraft account 2 weeks ago when we started preparing our first video.

It was not only about minecraft but also learning new tool. I have decided to invest in Camtasia, which is not cheap, but I believe it will serve very well to all my plans with videos in the future.

Today I have released actually 2 videos. First is my introductory video to this series. What I found during preparation was statistics which are mentioned in this video. It says, that only 34% people in USA really loves their work. And this is mentioned as new high in this article. It is really crazy. Read more here:

So here is my introductory video:

And finally me with my son.


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