How to live in harmony – inspired by Pele

Several months ago, I was flying from London to Los Angeles. I had just finished watching a movie about Pele, “Pele: Birth of a Legend”. It is a movie about one of the best football players in history, and how he led Brazil at 17 years old to their first World Cup championship win in 1958 in Sweden.


There was one word that struck me very deeply; it was harmony. As soon as all the players started to play in harmony with what they truly were, in harmony with their team spirit, and in harmony with their nation’s spirit, they became unbeatable.

But the path to this kind of enlightenment was not so easy. After they lost their final game in 1950, they were thinking that Brazil’s style was not a good style; maybe the European style was the best one. They were trying to learn to behave in a way that was against their nature. And it was not working. They were considered outsiders in the 1958 World Cup. Everything changed after a few injuries, which they found were mostly caused by what was in their heads, because they were not playing in harmony with themselves. They were playing not like Brazilians, but as Europeans. They were playing as everybody else thought they should, because their own style was considered not good enough.

Just before this movie, I was reading some articles and watching videos from Bob Proctor explaining the impression of increase and the Science of Getting Rich book. He was saying in particular that you do not get rich by doing certain things; you get rich by doing things in a certain way. Let me paraphrase that. You do not become successful and happy by doing certain things; you become successful and happy by doing things in a certain way.

In this movie, the Brazilian football team’s certain way was their own way, not the way of the European style of football. What is your own way of doing things in a certain way?

Your certain way is in harmony with you. It must be a way that you really love, and it must be something that you really love doing. And you must truly believe that it will work. Don’t worry about what somebody else tells you that you should do, or what you think that you should be doing because of limitations in your life. The only limitation is in your head. Pele injured his knees just before the championship by doing his own style of playing, but he did not believe in himself enough. The same happened to his father. He lost his professional football career due to an injury that occurred when he did not believe in his own style enough, and was instead listening to outside advice that went against his own nature.

Recently I was watching my 9-year-old son. Some time ago, he started doing some YouTube videos and now he’s started to work on their own web pages. I decided before that I was not going to give him a lot of advice about how to do this, just help him with technical stuff. I knew that I was already programmed by doing certain things, and also by things that came from other people. Of course, in a lot of cases these things work for them and will help me. So, I let my son do whatever he loves to do. When I saw the video that he made about his first solo cycling experiences, I had tears in my eyes. This video hit my emotions much harder than probably all the public videos that I made in my life in the last 2 years. He did this clearly in his own certain way.

Whatever you are doing, make sure that you are doing what you love. That you are doing something that creates more life in your life, something that you really enjoy. If you are working in a team, make sure that your whole team is doing things in harmony with who you are.

The last aspect is to make sure that whatever you are doing during interactions with other people is also in harmony with them. This will make sure that they have the impression that their interaction with you was beneficial for them.

So again, your life in harmony means to find out a certain way to do everything so that it is in harmony with you, your team, your company, every person with whom you interact and the environment in which you live.

When you practice this every day, you will also be living in harmony with the laws of nature, and you will see that for some magical reason, everything in your life will start moving in a positive direction.

This will bring you such joy and happiness to your life, that you are not even able to imagine it today.


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