Worst enemy of Good Luck in Life.

Do you want to have more good luck in your life?

You are not alone. Problem is, that good luck in life has one big enemy. And most probably it is your good friend and is especially strong if you are heading towards something new. It is your own logic.

Good luck in life can show up in most unexpected ways.

In spring of 2016, I had dinner with my very good friend. Actually this evening we met first time. Topic of our conversion is about personal development, law of attraction and what means to have good luck in life. He is little bit skeptic that there is something like law of attraction. Just few hours later his perspective started to shift really unexpected way. Unexpected for both of us.

After dinner we decided to go to the Aix En Provence town and have a walk. No destination in mind, just talking and walking randomly through the streets. I was not very familiar with the city center, so it was also quite familiarizing walk for me. We just unconsciously started our synchronicity walk.

Synchronicity in full power

We had many stops, but first interesting stop was in the front of pretty big building. He starts explaining to me, that this is main town theater.

I said: “Really? Are we really here?” I shown him picture in my mobile phone, what I took during my walk from parking place to the restaurant where we met. There was ads on real estate office, showing some Chinese dancers and advertising events which will be happening in the town. It took my attention, so I took picture, to explore this event later. I had no idea where this event place will be. About 2 hours later, I was staying just in front of this theater.

Our conversation moved to talking about local networking events and groups. He asked me if I know any local meetups. I told him, that just few weeks ago I joined my first meetup, where we had very good conversations about different intellectual topics. As soon as I finished my talk about this meetup, I turned around and this meetup founder was behind me. He was in the town walking around and looking for possible other bigger places for next meetups.

Little bit later we were standing in front of the cinema. While staying there, he was explaining, that this is special cinema, where original movies are played with no translation to French. I was just smiling. Just few days ago, my wife was telling me, that there is such cinema in town, and we should take a look where is that, and may be go there sometimes. Now I was standing in front of this cinema.

3 such events in one night were more than enough, that he understood, that something is going on. But what was really happening?

How we can really have more good luck in life?

In the school we have learned how to use our logic mind, in order to have everything in our life under our own control. What we never learned is, that this approach took away real control of our life. We are learning how to do only what is logical and makes sense for us.

Truth is, that our logic is based only on our past experiences. It is great tool if we would like to do something, what we already did in the past. It may help us to do it better. But it is always better only by using our past experience.  If we are heading after something new, what we never did before, or if we are facing challenge what we never solved before, our logic is our enemy. Simply because our logic has no way how to help us determine best approach or way how to get there.

Use your higher power

Consequently, what we can to do in such cases is to turn on higher instance which is always available for us. Something which has much more power than our logical thinking. This is what we consider as good luck in our life. It is our subconscious mind, which with connection to intuition can help us solve any problem much faster. Problem is, that we have to give up our conscious attempts to control such situation. We have to learn to trust our intuition, that it will guide and help us. Not only trust, but believe, that it will do its job for our good.

We are all connected. There is only one mind in the entire universe. Every person is just individual unique expression of this mind. Our thoughts are always impacting this collective mind. Every thought in every moment is immediately changing world around us. However this impact is usually such small, that we are not even able to recognize it, because we never trained our self to do it.

If you ask any questions, or set any goal, answer how to make it happen, will be shown to you. But you must have open eyes for solution or ideas, because you may even stand in front of them and do not see them. Because your logic is not allowing to recognize them. You are not able to see, that you can have good luck in life every day.

Good luck in life – synchronicity walk game.

Is this for you just bunch of new age hog-wash? Join me and I will show you, that it is not. Let’s stop talking and try it in real life.

About 9 months after this evening with my friend, I found how Todd Acamesis, describing one game what he is doing with his followers. He is calling this game simply synchronicity walk.

Purpose of this game is to observe spontaneous synchronicity events on the streets. Something what can show us how good luck in life shows up. This is achieved with walking with zero conscious control about direction, destination or even actions what you are going to do during this walk. This is done mostly with help of few dices, which are “deciding” about everything during walk. This will bring your subconscious mind to visible action and you will have opportunity to experience powerful synchronicity events.

These events can be everything from timely meetings with complete “strangers”, or you may discover something significant to you at a specific location. For example your intuition may kick you, and your attention will be taken to something which trigger profound insight or idea for your life. Or you can meet an individual who can offer assistance to a pressing issue or concern in your life. Also you may experience a sudden urge to do something unusual that leads to a delightful surprise.

Or simply, you will be in the right place at the right time to see something strange or different and have fun.

Does it sounds like something what may help in our life?

Is there something in your life, where you would like to have different results? You are working on it for long time, but nothing really happened? I believe, that one of the reasons why you are stuck, is because you have not learned how to be guided by your subconscious mind. Your logic is overwriting and over-analyzing something what can not even understand, but you are making your own decision based on it. You are throwing out ideas, what are supposed to help you, and you do not even know that. Your logic is keeping you stuck. Believe me, good luck in life is in your own hands. Every day.

Do you want to join me, having fun and learn something? Fastest way is to connect through form below and I will let you know as soon as I plan next “synchronicity walk” or “good luck hunting”. Maybe we can plan even something in your own town or place with your choice. What do you think? Share your thoughts in discussion below or fill up this form to plan together one of our walks.


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