Good Luck kicks – Good Luck hunting meetup

Good ideas are sometimes striking our conscious mind multiple times. In this Good Luck Hunting event, synchronicity must kick us two times, until we were able to recognize what is going on. How often are you listening to your good ideas?

All my previous Good Luck hunting walks were with numbered dices only, which allowed only choose directions on the crossroads. Before this event I had kind of inner urge to add new element, which was already on my list. Element called “Follow White Rabbit”. It came from the movie “Matrix”, where Neo was instructed to follow white rabbit. In few minutes later he saw white rabbit tattoo on the shoulder of lady who come to his apartment…

From Good Luck Hunting game perspective it means, that follow somebody who took your attention for time determined by dices. This person must not be aware that is followed. I was planning to paint some white rabbit to my wooden dices, but my painting skills needs some improvement. But I finally decided to listen to my inner voice that day and just wrote on the dice FWR (Follow White Rabbit).

We get this dice immediately on the second draw. Second dice said 5 minutes. We were two boys on the walk and one pretty attractive lady was just walking around us. It was our joint decision on the first choice. Timer started.

Good Luck hunting

Good Luck hunting kicks during meetup

After exactly 5 minutes timer we ended on crossroad. Great timing.

Another draw again Follow White Rabbit, but now for 6 minutes. Nobody took our attention for maybe 2 minutes or so, but then another lady with bright pink shirt. This shirt was visible from long distance. It was clear choice.

But this lady was fast. Really fast. We lost her after about 2 minutes. She entered private property. There was nothing on this property what was interesting for us. We decided to wait until 6 minutes counter stop.

To our surprise after about 2 minutes, exactly same lady come out from this property. She ended up in the near sushi restaurant. Exactly after 6 minutes counter stopped. Unbelievable.

We looked inside, to the menu, but we were not hungry, so we went out.

After about another half an hour walking, another Follow White Rabbit draw. It was for 1 minute. That immediately took my attention, especially because our group number what dices showed us on the beginning was 1.

Now we started following man with big sombrero. This man exactly after 1 minute ended up inside of another restaurant. Now we understood, that this could be sign, that our goal for today is probably to take some drink or food. First sign in Sushi restaurant was not enough to understand that. Finally our walk ended up in that second restaurant. We had wonderful conversation for about an hour. I am sure, that I found very good friend, who has same interests as I do.

Synchronicity after-party

Walk was over, dinner as well, but synchronicity was not sleeping. At least for me it decided to have another solo run.

During driving car to home I have seen older man hitchhiking. I stopped car and he said that he is going to the same village as I do. So I took him. It turned out, that he is from Taiwan, he is in France because of some medical treatment, which is much better in France.  But in Taiwan he is teaching mountaineering skills for tourists and having also spiritual events with help of local shamans.

I was almost speechless. This was exactly kind of person who I was wondering for some time, that it may be interesting to meet and use his services in some point. I finally decided to drive him to his apartment. I gave him my contacts and hopefully he will contact me, when he will be back home so we will stay in touch. And visiting Taiwan is definitely on my to do list in some point of my life.

Do you have any returning ideas? Do you know what that means for you? Please share your stories in discussion below.

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