England road trip for passion – ready to go

Tuesday July 4th, 2017, afternoon.

Our Looking for Passion England road trip starts in 2 days. Right now we are in flight from Vienna to Marseilles through Brussels, with beautiful painted airplane called Amare. Brussels Airlines magazine says that Amare stands for unity, love and friendship and its goal is to bring people together from around the world so as to create new friendships and discover new adventures. In short – to unite The People of Tomorrow. It has painted on the fuselage “We fly you to the home of Tomorrowland”.

England road trip - ready to go

It is beautiful synchronicity symbol of our passion trip. Our trip is exactly about People of tomorrow, because we are going to helping building future for everybody. Future coming from their own dream. How? I do not know yet. We do not have step by step plan and schedule. But I am sure, that everything will fit exactly the best way for us.

England road trip – we looks crazy for our friends

Our closest family members and friends are thinking, that we are crazy. This trip is going to be made completely illogical way, so I do not share a lot of details about it. Illogical by common sense. I am so confident about my goal, that I know that everything will come in right time when I will need it. Right people, who must show up to make this trip as success. But this mindset is very hard to accept for “normal” thinking person without any “what if” questions. Fact is, that there is none “what if” question for me.

I am confident, that we will meet people with right passion, right contacts, so I can create beautiful inspirational stories, which will help other people.

Synchronicity all around us

Recently I was talking a lot about synchronicity on this blog. Synchronicity is always sign, that you are on the right path. So let’s see what else was happening last 3 days for me.

We were driving by car from Aix En Provence in France to Slovakia last 2 days. We are usually having in the middle of the trip in the Italy sleep over. This time we decided to test our England trip approach. This means do not make any upfront hotel bookings.

Kids were asking to stop by somewhere to eat pizza for dinner, because they said, that pizza in Italy is best. We ended up in beautiful small family hotel “Albergo Visconti – the hotel of Music” http://www.albergovisconti.it/ . This hotel was so far best one what we found in Italy on our car trips between Slovakia and France and probably also cheapest one. And pizza restaurant was about 50 m away from the hotel. And pizza was really amazing.

Transformers: The Last Knight movie

Yesterday evening we were in theater where I was with my wife watching latest movie Transformers: The Last Knight. It is interesting, that most important events were happening in England and Stonehenge.

This definitely will have impact to our England road trip, because Stonehenge was not part of trip idea. But we are going to England few days sooner as was original plan, so why not?

Synchronicity again and again

  • Just during writing this article I figured out that for USA is today Independence Day.
  • Yesterday I have also received my order of small mirrors for my workshop in Prague. For one exercise, I need small mirrors. I have ordered 100 pieces, which is enough for 200-person audience, but received 500. This may serve 1000 people. I am sure that this is sign for something. I do not have response from seller, why this amount was sent, but it is nice sign.
  • My wife is right now reading book called “I have seen it tomorrow”. Isn’t that crazy another synchronicity sign? Tomorrow, again?

Wuav, so many synchronicity signs, showing something and funny thing is, that I do not have any idea what do they means. But I love them and I enjoy them. I am sure, that it is good sign for our England road trip. And I am really curious to see how I will connect them in the future.

Do you have any more than normal amount of synchronicity signs in your life right now? Please share them.


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