DO not set new year goals

This time of year most people are thinking about goals for next year. One reason, why very few people make them is that hey choose wrong goals.

Yesterday I was in the theater to enjoy musical Blood Brothers written by Willy Russell. It was beautiful musical performance, it was pleasure to watch actors playing their roles.

But I do not want to talk too much about this performance today. What took my attention was story of author – Willy Russell. His father was alcoholic, working in coal mines and different factories. His mother was nurse, later working in storehouse. Their family life was far away from pleasant, he left school as 15 years old, starting doing a lot of different jobs, what he was not enjoying at all.

He loved writing songs and stories. In order to be able to enjoy his dream more, he returned to school as 21 years old to become a teacher. He left teaching in the school after 1 year to become professional writer, what was his real dream.

Long story short – Bloody Brothers musical was his second work. It ran for more than 24 years in the West End Theater in London, and played more than 10,000 performances, becoming the third longest-running musical production in West End history. It finally closed in this Theater in November 2012.

You see, Willy had no good family background, no money, no education. In today measures we can easily say that he will be loser, no way to become somebody important. But he was following his dream and acting on it, best as he can in each phase of his life. He never stopped and finally he become significant person in history of musical performances.

And this is my advice for any goal what you choose for next year. Choose something what you really love. Do not let fear of any kind to stop you. Otherwise you are just wasting your time, money and energy.

If you have any doubts, or want some help, send me an email. I will be happy to help you.


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