What is Let's Make Today blog about?

Are you thinking about new ideas, challenging existing reality, dreaming about something new, and you are willing to step out of your comfort zone? Do you want build your dream and be leader and inspiration for yourself, your family, community or organization? Not because you must, but because you want?

Do you feel, that you was born to create something extraordinary, something which move our civilization to another better level of existence in harmony with nature and our spiritual existence?

Our community are people like you. We are challenging status quo in all areas of our life. We are not fighting against current system, because we are building new one. New system which will make our current system obsolete.

We are leaders and creators of new technologies, we are uplifting people through our books and arts. We are exploring more effective education for our children. We know how to build profitable organizations without crushing the life out of our people.

You will find on this blog stories, ideas and tools which are helping people like you, to live life what they really want to live.

Looking for Top UK passionate business

I will be traveling in UK for 2 weeks and looking for top UK passionate business. Shooting short videos, where business owners or managers will share their vision and why they are doing their business. I believe that through sharing our own vision we will inspire a lot of other people to start creating their...


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England road trip for passion – ready to go

Tuesday July 4th, 2017, afternoon. Our Looking for Passion England road trip starts in 2 days. Right now we are in flight from Vienna to Marseilles through Brussels, with beautiful painted airplane called Amare. Brussels Airlines magazine says that Amare stands for unity, love and friendship and its goal is to bring people together from...

Good Luck kicks – Good Luck hunting meetup

Good ideas are sometimes striking our conscious mind multiple times. In this Good Luck Hunting event, synchronicity must kick us two times, until we were able to recognize what is going on. How often are you listening to your good ideas? All my previous Good Luck hunting walks were with numbered dices only, which allowed...

Good Luck in Life

Worst enemy of Good Luck in Life.

Do you want to have more good luck in your life? You are not alone. Problem is, that good luck in life has one big enemy. And most probably it is your good friend and is especially strong if you are heading towards something new. It is your own logic. Good luck in life can...

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My son is teaching me how to play Minecraft

One of my vision is to have elementary education system, which is effective and teaching kids really something what they may reuse in the future to achieve everything what they know. With this idea I started to support my own kids much more actively with something what they love. First step is with my older...

DO not set new year goals

This time of year most people are thinking about goals for next year. One reason, why very few people make them is that hey choose wrong goals. Yesterday I was in the theater to enjoy musical Blood Brothers written by Willy Russell. It was beautiful musical performance, it was pleasure to watch actors playing their...

How to live in harmony – inspired by Pele

Several months ago, I was flying from London to Los Angeles. I had just finished watching a movie about Pele, “Pele: Birth of a Legend”. It is a movie about one of the best football players in history, and how he led Brazil at 17 years old to their first World Cup championship win in...

This is not good. Or?

I love emails which can trigger some self-review and think about what I am doing. I am receiving a lot of emails, following a lot of authors and entrepreneurs, but there are not a lot of them which can write in the way which will inspire you, or just make your day better. One of...

How to enable people?

How to enable people?

  Every good company thinks about how to get maximum effort from every employee, how to enable people to maximum performance. The reality is that a lot of them do not really know how to do it. So what enabling people really means from my experience and perspective?